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Connectwise Product Copy System

FREE!! Copy Products from one Connectwise Manage system to another.

Merging with or acquiring another MSP that uses Connectwise Manage? Check out this free tool that copies products from a source to a target system.


This system is designed as an "add-on" to our Connectwise Migration System software. Moving items from a source to a target Connectwise Manage system is complex due to the mappings required to ensure all attributes are correctly set. Moving a product (catalog item) from one system to another requires the mapping of only five settings. We have made that process easy! Simply complete the mapping then start copying products. You can search for product types, descriptions, identifiers and more.


Currently the Product Copy System can migrate the following items from a source to a target Manage system:

Licensing and Pricing

A 10 year free trial is built into the system. The subscription can be activated on four machines.

This software will give you a good idea as to how our Connectwise Migration System works as it uses the same mapping techniques.




Complete documentation is built into the product under the HELP menu.